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216 Squadron Association - Constitution

The aims of the Association are:

•  To sustain and encourage contact between serving and ex-serving members of 216 Squadron.

•  To keep members informed of the whereabouts and circumstances of colleagues.

•  To hold an annual reunion, preferably at the station where the current squadron is based, or at a locality associated with the squadron



Full Members

All current and ex-members of the 216 Squadron Royal Air Force are eligible for membership of the Association.

Honorary members

This form of membership will cover friends of the Squadron who may have had close links with the Squadron or the Association in the past or who may have been of especial help to the Squadron and its members in various ways.

The appointment of an honorary member will be for a period of 5 years. The Secretary will maintain a Register of Honorary Members and the list is to be reviewed every year by the committee

Honorary Members will be entitled to all the benefits of membership of the Association but will not be required to pay membership subscriptions.

Associate Members

All wives, husbands, widows and widowers and immediate dependants of members or former members of 216 Squadron are eligible to be Associate Members. Associate Members will not have to pay an annual subscription. They are eligible to attend any Association function, including the AGM but will have no voting rights and are not eligible to sit on the Committee.

Membership Year

The membership year will run from 1st April to 31st March the following year.


With the exception of the Honorary President, who will be invited by the Committee, and the ex-officio serving officer, Members of the Association will be asked to elect a Committee at a General Meeting, which will be held annually. Committee members must be full members of the Association.

The Committee will consist of:

Honorary President : A distinguished ex-member of the Squadron.

Chairman: Responsible for overall policy, co-signatory of Association bank account.

Secretary : Membership administration, minutes of meetings, co-signatory of association bank account.

Treasurer: Maintenance of Association accounts, preparation and issue of annual financial report, co-signatory of Association bank account.

Reunion Secretary: With the Chairman, planning and organisation of association activities.

Social Secretary(s): Planning and organisation of general social events and assisting the Reunion Secretary as required.

Welfare Secretary: The Welfare Secretary will be the liaison between relevant agencies and Association Members in issues regarding the welfare of Association members

Memorabilia Rep: Procuring and distributing ties, badges and other memorabilia.

Association Webmaster : Production and maintenance of the Association Website.

OC 216 Squadron (ex-officio)


The principal tasks of the Committee will be to:

•  Administer the Association in accordance with its stated aims, as agreed at a General Meeting.

•  Maintain a Register of Members to enable members to keep in touch with each other.

•  Publish a Newsletter periodically.

•  Organise reunions of members.

•  Recommend to members at a general meeting the annual subscription which the Committee should be paid for the running of the Association and, in due course, to account to members for all expenditure.

•  Maintain close contact with the Officer Commanding 216 Squadron in order to offer any help or support to the Squadron which they feel the Association may give.

•  To encourage the collection and preservation of records, photographs and memorabilia to help in extending the recorded history of the Squadron

•  To maintain a presence on the www by way of an association web site.


Rules for the Committee

In between annual general meetings, the Committee is empowered to appoint up to two additional full members if, in its opinion, extra members are considered necessary for the efficient running of the Association. Such appointments should be confirmed at the next AGM. In addition, the Committee is empowered to co-opt further members on a short term basis.

All committee appointments will be non-remunerative.

Committee meetings will be held on an ad-hoc basis as required.

A quorum will consist of a minimum of three Committee members, one of whom must be the Chairman or Secretary. If it is known beforehand that any Committee member will be unable to attend a Committee meeting, the Chairman will endeavour to ascertain the member's views on agenda items.

The constitution of the Association may be amended either by resolution at a general meeting or by the Committee, subject to ratification at an AGM.


The financial year will run from 1st April to 31st March the following year.

Annual Subscription rates are to be determined by the Committee as necessary, depending on the number of members and the costs of administering the Association.

The funds of the Association are to be held in an interest bearing account at a bank approved by the Committee.

At the discretion of the Committee, Association funds may be used for the following in the normal course of the Associations business:

a. Stationery, printing, photocopying etc

b. Postage and Telephone charges.

c. Funds relevant to domain name and website hosting.

Association functions should be self supporting from charges paid by those attending. Association funds may, however, be used for temporary loans for deposits, if required; occasionally for official guests of the Association; and if necessary, for unseen and unavoidable debts which might arise from these functions.

The Committee may authorise Association funds to be used for other purposes deemed to be in accordance with the agreed aims of the Association.

The accounts of the Association are to be audited annually. The appointment of an auditor will be at the discretion of the Committee to whom the auditor will report.

A balance sheet and income and expenditure summary will be presented for approval by members at each AGM

Donations to the Association may be accepted and are to be credited to the funds of the Association, taking account of any explicit wishes of the donor.

In the event of the dissolution of the Association, any property and any funds which may be in credit after payment of all debts and liabilities shall be given, at the discretion of the Committee, to another Association or institution with aims similar to those of this Association.






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