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Flight/Line Book.

This section is for members to share their experiences of life on the squadron, either in general terms or specific incidents that maybe of professional interest, funny or just scary! Click on the images or links to read the full accounts.


My Service at RAF Fayid 1953 – 1955.
By:  Alan (Fred) F Merryweather. LAC 4106778

On the 7 th August 1942 a Bristol Bombay of 216 Squadron was shot down and General Gott, Commander of the British 8th Army was killed.
There was an immediate news blackout on the subject and the Bombays pilot Jimmy James was getting fed up hearing he was dead from various people. Historians would make the same mistake. He lost count of the different versions of what was supposed to have happened, none of which were ever close to the real truth. After sixty years Jimmy finally found the witness he had needed for so long. In a book about wartime fighter tactics, Herr Emil Clade recounted shooting down the Bombay exactly as Jimmy had remembered. Click on Jimmy's image to read Jimmys account of the incident.

Sadly Jimmy died in February 2015 whilst chatting to a nurse
about the joys of drinking Champagne :)

Ron Hand describes his time with 216 Squadron in the Middle East and its detachment to Burma
Don Howell describes how his crew tried to join 216 Squadron and deliver a Hudson at the same time but they never made it.
John McLeod was part of the combined 216 squadron Cricket team on a five stop tour of North Africa.Imagine his horror on finding water in the fuel at Mogadishu.
Albert (Bert) Reeks flew with 216 during 1941-1944 and in 1942 was involved in the attack on an Axis convoy when 216 Squadron supply fuel for naval aircraft flying 250 miles across the desert!
Anthony Caffyn remembers his first Comet flight as a National Service REME subaltern enroute to Malaya 1959
The Kabul Airbridge.

In 2006 216 Squadrons main focus was the airbridge to Kabul. OC 216 Squadron gives us an insight to the challanges of maintaining this airbridge.

Please click on the image.
John Simlett recalls his days as a AQM on 216 between 64-67

Comet "Flying Club"

Fred Hart recalls his ditching in a crocodile infested lake
An overview of what consisted of a Comet crew and the work they carried out. Written by Wg Cdr Norman Noad, AFC, when he was OC 216 Squadron
Frank Austin recalls when delivering radar unit to Terhan he found it quite disconcerting when the aircraft was surrounded by armed Russian soldiers.
The Story of Sam Sidebotham time with 216 Squadron as an electricanat Heliopolis during 1940-1942. As told by his son John using notes and photgraphs of his dads time with 216.






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